Group Leads Version 1.1.8 is live

I'm happy to tell you about the newest version of Group Leads.

In this release, we were able to fix these:

  1. Ability to change the position where Group Leads would pick up email from the Facebook group questions and add it to autoresponder.

Before now, Group Leads was picking the email from the third question but a few of our users are of the opinion that most users don't usually get to the last question.

So, we added this feature that enables them to specify where the email would be picked from.

  1. Removed the red popup in the filter section.
  2. We worked on improving the code.

We'll keep working on improving group leads and making it better for our users.

Feel free to check it out and let's know your feedback.

Here is the link to the extension on the chrome store:

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