December 24, 2019

Found my first leads myself!

Daoud Clarke @daoud

I've been working hard on the next version of Growth Gecko which will help you find emails for search results on LinkedIn. Doing this cost effectively is tricky because LinkedIn doesn't like you scraping them. Although there are services that offer this, they are pricey.

Anyway I've figured out a solution and found my first 18 emails!

I'm planning to offer a service to indie hackers (exclusively for members initially!) to test their ideas using cold email outreach. This is one of the most cost-effective methods of validating an idea, but it's currently tricky to get right, and costly.

I'm planning to price it at $9.99 a month for 500 verified email addresses. At the moment, it's looking like I'll break even at this cost but I'm confident I can get this down with some optimisations.

If you're interested in being an early user for this service, let me know in the comments!

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    Hi, you have a great product with a lot of potentials, but you are missing a go-to-market strategy.

    You should look into the Knowledge sharing industry - companies like AlphaSights, GLG.
    Third Bridge etc.

    They use LinkedIn to search for professionals and connect them with organizations. (e.g. a Chinese company is looking to enter the EU Telecom market, companies like GLC are scraping LinkedIn for an ex- European Telecom executive e.g. and "extract" that local market know-how - in the process those companies collect a huge fee.

    A good approach is to put together 2 to 5 ppt slides with your solution, use-case, clear pricing and approach the Regional Managers.

    Good luck!

    1. 1

      Great advice, thanks Andrei!

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    I'm in.
    I'm always selling, and getting 500 real emails from linked in has a lot of value for us.
    [email protected]

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      Thanks! Sent you an email.

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    Hi Daoud, I would 100% be interested in this - Drop me an email if needed: [email protected]

    Don't be discouraged by the comment below. There are countless legitimate applications to this technology. By using a credit and search system you are limiting usage to people who are specifically searching for that individual or those types of individuals vastly limiting spam.

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      Thanks Daniel, I've sent you an email!

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    This seems like a cool idea! $9.99 for 500 emails is super cheap so I'd suggest maybe bumping that up to $19.99 if you're struggling to break even.

    I also had a thought that a great outreach system would be to use your own service to get emails for sales people and cold outreach them. This tool is EXACTLY what sales people want.

    1. 2

      Thanks for the encouragement! I want to make it that price to make it competitive with e.g. SalesQL.

      Yes, that is exactly what I'm planning to do! I'm also planning to target marketing agencies that specialise in outbound as I'm hopeful that the retention will be better.

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    Never occurred to you that people just don't appreciate being emailed if their email isn't available?

    There are places to reach to people, getting their email using tricks to guess it or somehow relate a profile to another where perhaps the same user disclosed contact information won't play well in the long run. You are just making the internet an even worse mess than it has become, and it's a zero sum game. I don't see how you would get broad endorsement for this. Aside sales people who have no idea who sales really work.

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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      Thanks Shiva! They are all verified with an SMTP check and I exclude catch all domains. I will guarantee the quality and substitute any emails that don't deliver.

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