Launched my first ever podcast

Last month was an exciting month of firsts. I launched my Growth Lessons newsletter almost without thinking, just to see what happened. I got 20 signups from Twitter, and then decided to do my first ever Product Hunt launch, which ended up getting me around 800 subscribers.

There's nothing like 800 random strangers to help focus your mind! I felt a responsibility to provide something of value, so instead of writing my emails based on articles or email exchanges, I began arranging video calls with founders so that I could really understand their business and what helped them to grow.

This is actually working out great as I get to speak to some really interesting people and am learning a lot myself.

Last week I had a call with a Twitter friend who was telling me about their podcast, and they encouraged me to start recording my interviews. As it happened I had an interview lined up straight after so I asked the founder if I could record it and he said yes.

I simply recorded it on Zoom and then edited the file slightly using Garageband, recorded an intro with some music (I couldn't stop thinking of Courtland's IH Podcast intro so it might have similarities), and then uploaded it to Anchor.fm.

So now, without much effort, I have a newsletter and a podcast. My goal is to continue them for at least a year and see what happens. I'm expecting growth to be slow, but at the end of the year at least I'll have 50+ interviews with founders which I can turn into an e-book.

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