Made $50 on the internet

I got my first sponsor for the Growth Lessons newsletter! And actually got the money today. It feels good.

I started Growth Lessons on April 1st this year, and I've sent out 12 emails so far. It takes a bit of work each week, roughly 3-4 hours, and to be honest I was starting to lose motivation a little.

Thankfully someone who I've been in touch with on Twitter about unrelated stuff has just launched a product (mailswipe.io - happy to plug it again), and he asked if he could sponsor my newsletter.

It felt really good to actually get some cash in return for work I've been doing. The newsletter has 1400 subscribers now so I suggested $50 and he said yes.

This really gives me motivation to keep growing the subscriber list. More subscribers means I can charge more but the amount of work stays the same - it's a good formula to have.

I think the lesson from this is to let people know what you're working on and if you're looking for sponsors, tweet publicly (I did a few weeks ago) as people will see it and remember.

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