April 9, 2020

My first ever Product Hunt launch

Kieran B @kieranball

Yesterday I launched my new project, growthlessons.co, on Product Hunt. It's my first PH launch and I had no idea what to expect. Never wanting to be overprepared, I didn't do much research before launching, but I did get some tips from a Twitter friend who has launched several times, and he hunted the product for me.

Growth Lessons hovered around 4th or 5th place for most of the day and ended up in 7th with 307 upvotes. I didn't know whether this was good or bad because you only tend to hear about 1st place launches, but apparently it's good as I was on the front page for the whole day.

Most importantly, my subscriptions went from a modest 50 at the start of the day to 450 currently (and still growing). I'm now feeling the pressure to take the newsletter seriously and generate good content, but I'm confident I can deliver!

My key learnings from this experience were:

  • Get advice from someone who's done it before.
  • Don't stress too much, just try it, everyone's really supportive!
  • If your content is good, you have nothing to worry about.
  1. 1

    Cool! having others hunt for you seems to be the way to go.
    Any tips on getting in contact with hunters?

    1. 1

      Since October I've been quite active in the no-code community on Twitter so I had interacted with this person a few times via that. However he told me that he's previously sent cold DMs to quite well-known people asking if they would hunt his product, and they agreed. I think it's just about wording it right.

      1. 1

        That's a really useful tip, did he send DM's through product hunt?

        1. 1

          I think he did them through Twitter but not sure.

Today's Top Milestones
  • First customer interview 🤗
    We're building SEOly to become the one-stop-shop solution for Indie Hackers looking to improve their SEO. We'll cover On-Page SEO (Technical Checks an
  • Better Shirts
    Maker Threads and Better Sheets have come together to make Better Shirts. Better shirts than your mom can sew for ya, at least. Launched on product hu
  • Monthly Text Expansion, Subscriptions
    It's been a while! Typing Hero now helps 20K+ monthly active users expanding text 12M+ times each month! As for the subscription, it currently has 67
  • 🤑September breakdown
    I am a bit late, because October is already coming to an end. But here are my figures for September :) Ads revenue: 125€ In-App purchases: 52,61€ Tota
  • Revenue raising activities underway
    AdSense has been setup to autoplace a small to moderate number of ads within the site. I didn't want it to be too disruptive so vignette and dropdown
  • Article about the idea inception for Minibri Score
    Read my new article at https://www.lambrospetrou.com/articles/minibri-score-the-inception/ and find answers to the following questions: - Why build Mi
  • Improved password validation
    NewReleases is now checking every new password agains already compromised passwords completely internally. NIST SP 800-63B guidelines https://nvlpubs.
  • Launched!!
    Yesterday I officially launched in several places. I'm still validating. My goal is to write 10 reports and get 10 subscribers, If I can't get 10 subs
  • Issue #2 released
    Second issue of Basic Problem just went out to 62 subscribers. Last week's edition had not a single bounce, no churn yet, and an open rate of 30%. Ama