November 27, 2020

We are the first community on AppSumo!

Maxim Zavadskiy @maximzavadskiy

We applied to AppSumo a couple of months ago. We were not too hopeful as AppSumo typically features SaaS products. However, a couple of weeks back AppSumo folks reached out to as saying 'we have heard good things about GrowthClub, let's set up a listing for you'. That way we ended up on AppSumo. Not sure from who they heard about GrowthClub but I guess some things spread well on the internet ;) LTD for $49 instead of $990 by the way!

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    @maximzavadskiy congrats on the AppSumo launch. Would be nice to hear your experience on AppSumo sales after a while.

    How do you match founders? Is it based on industry, questions etc?

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      Sure, we are featured for about 2 weeks and got 37 sales and 4 refunds. So about 1.6K so far with AppSumo 10% fee counted in. Our MRR is ~1.3K which makes us think it would have been a great idea to start the community by offering LTD in the first place.

      On matching, it is serendipitous - we match based on your availability for that week. Mostly folks are building some SaaS product. However now, with the influx of AppSumo users, we may match based on the startup stage or 'level'/experience of an entrepreneur

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        These are good starting sales figures. Any money is good money as long as it's legal :)

        LTD price offering is great as long as your operational costs don't rise too much. Does the $49 lifetime include match up include with 4 founders every month and the same features as "What is included" package on the website ?

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          Sorry for the late reply. Yup LTD includes calls with 4 founders + all features currently available: followups, call agenda, Slack group. Happy to tell more!

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