November 29, 2019

Got our Growth Marketing Book to #1 on Amazon

Jim Huffman @jimwhuffman

Here is a blog post post that breaks down the 13 things I did to self publish a book on Amazon and get it to #1.

The short version:

  • Write a Book Worth Reading
  • Determine Your Platforms for Sales
  • Price Your Book Competitively
  • Design a Page Optimized for Conversion
  • Identify the Right Amazon Category for Your Book
  • Design a Thunderclap Launch Plan
  • Schedule a Product Hunt Launch
  • Design an Email Automation Flow for Your Lead Magnet
  • Engineer a Referral Mechanism
  • Push a Book Launch Promotion
  • Go on a Podcast Roadshow
  • Book Review Blitz & Give Books Away for Free
  • Paid Ads on Social and Amazon

The long version:

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