June 1, 2020

New version of GrowthStack MVP/beta released

Jose Bermejo @josberco

Following the feedback of the beta users, we just released a new version with brand new functionalities and improved experience:

✅ Improved flow & experience
✅ There is a rewards page with the equivalence in points and emoticons. The scoring is still not active.
✅ Added the "Learn By Doing" section with ideas to execute in each stage.
✅ Added "Talk With A Mentor". Users can reserve a time to have consulting with the founders for FREE.
✅ Added "deals" section. The link still doesn't work.
✅ When you finish a piece of content or "Learn By Doing", swipe "complete!" button. This will help you to keep track of your progress.
✅ Frameworks, Tactics, and Articles in the top menu sections are sorted by "likes". The icon you see depends on how many likes they have.

We have personally informed the 37 contacts by email and sent them a survey to have new feedback.

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