January 14, 2020

658 visitors, 152 LP feedbacks + other stats

Andras Szabo @AndrasSzabo

I created https://guesstheproduct.com during Christmas time to get quick feedback easier about the landing pages I've worked on. In the past I've sent screenshots to my friends and they had to guess what they saw.

Here are some stats since 1st of January:

  • 658 visitors
  • 152 landing page feedbacks
  • 40 registered users

I introduced a new feature a week ago: users guess the product a page offers, but they also rate the design from 1 to 4. Since then, 27 users gave 59 ratings. I was a bit surprised, but the average score is 2.4

Another interesting fact: users needed on average 19 seconds to guess what a landing page is about.

It is quite a lot: based on studies a visitor spends only 5-10 seconds on a page. Some of the pages need to have some improvements for better conversion.

So :) If you want to get quick feedback from other people, try https://guesstheproduct.com
It's completely free.
But before you can get feedback you need to give feedback :)

Have a nice day

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