January 10, 2020

Landing page feedback site: new features

Andras Szabo @AndrasSzabo

I started building https://guesstheproduct.com before Christmas and released it on the last day of the decade.

The MVP got a lot of positive feedback and 400 visits. Also, people described different landing pages on the site 115 times. Thanks for that!

I hope this tool will help the community to get quick feedback about landing pages. Of course not as detailed as they would get in the landing page feedback group, but still :)

I added more features based on the feedback:

  • you can spend more time to figure out what the landing page screenshot is about (max 40 seconds).
  • you can describe one screenshot after another (as some people mentioned, it was like a small game)
  • you don't need to register unless you want to earn points to submit your own landing page.

Few things I've learned so far:

  • You should build an MVP should in 1-2 weeks
  • Validate your idea before you build the MVP. Explain the idea to people who never heard about it (so not your partner :)
  • It is okay if you only focus on the core features. If people like your app you can extend it later.
  • Release it as soon as possible, don't fix bugs forever. An MVP is by definition fragile: big companies like stripe or airbnb started pretty small too.
  • Stick to the tools you know the best.

Have a nice day!

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