November 14, 2019

Why I built the Hacker News Launcher?

Akash Nidhi P S @SkyTreasure

I love Hacker News and it's always a goto site for me in my free time but I didn't find any suitable client for my mobile. So I asked HN Community how they consume HN in their phone -

Many people suggested few other alternative sites, but none of them suit my requirement. Many things that i wanted in the app was-
I wanted to know what's new on hacker news if there are any, I don't want my phone buzzing with another push notification to disturb me and an easy way to share and save any stories easily.

So I came up with an Android Launcher which doesn't push any notification, but whenever you open the phone, if there are any new stories then there will be a tiny banner of green light on your screen indicating there's new news available, and I can access them via just a swipe.

Say hello to Hacker News Launcher :)

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