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Every time I'm working on a new product, the first thing is buy a domain. The second thing is email. I don't want a full bloated email product like gsuite/zoho. All I need is to receive email send to my own domain.

October 20, 2021 Shipped dynamic alias mapping

Up till now, when forwarding email out, you tell Mailwip a pattern and a specific email address to forward too.

One of usual pattern is to have a wildcard such as * -> [email protected]

But another legitimate use case is to re-map email to another domain. Example, you have a domain with gmail at and you register and you want [email protected] email to forward to [email protected].

In other word, same email, just different domain. Now you will be able to use this route:

* -> *

Happy email forwarding and let us know any features you want us to implement :)

July 21, 2021 Ship better webhook log view

Up until now Mailwip only allow you to view log(response) of the last 20 requests.

But today we re-work the UI, and add the ability to view more log by clicking on "Load more" button to fetch more log.

Many users rely on our webhook to build workflow around emails. This release make it even easiser to debugging webhook triggering.

Give us a try with webhook. If you want to see a working example of cool thing build with webhook, checkout

July 13, 2021 Plan for Mailwip add-ons: Serverless for email

Email is a great distributed protocol, anyone can send you an email and you can send anyone an email, without relying on a centralize service.

Many services are use email as a form to communicate data changes to the system. Such as banking receipt, or alert about state of system.

Will it be cool to give our users the ability to run user uploaded code to take actions on their incoming emails?

We have built webhook for that exact reasons, but with Webhook, you have to write code, deploy the webhook handler to somewhere.

We want to help make that even easier? We're working on an "Addons" platform, that allow you to install add-ons which are written by anyone, similar to how Chrome extensions work.

Those code can run and process email however you like. If you're interested in that kind of platform, email us at [email protected] to enrolled to the wait list.

July 11, 2021 Release API to fetch all aliases

Our API has been focused more on thing that hard to do the UI. So far we have API to read emails, to bulk delete domains and create aliases.

Today we're release a small endpoint to fetch aliases on domains. Using those API allow you to fully build workflow around email because you now have the ability to create inboxes(alias), list them out, and fetch emails using Rest API.

For us, we're going to have a small write up on how we're using this API do parse banking/receipt email and make our life eassier.

As always, if you have bough domains, don't let them sit around, hook them up into our email forwarding service

July 6, 2021 Automatically configure Cloudflare DNS

We want to make email forward faster and easiser for everyone. We want to offer one-click experience similar to one-click checkout with Amazon.

Today we're proud to release Automatic DNS config for Cloudflare to enable you [one click setup for email forwarding]](

You spend a little extra time to configure Cloudflare integration and moving forward whenever you add a new domain into our system, we automatically add MX and SPF records to your domains.

We plan to expand this features to other system such as namecheap/godaddy. Stay tune.

June 28, 2021 Release a new landing page

We're growing and process more than 30M emails now. So I was thinking of showing off those emails with a worldmap and draw some animations to move the dot between origin country to our server.

See for yourself here We will interate the design to make the animation reflect to our live email traffic.

June 27, 2021 Approaching $1000 MRR

Another big milestone. Our Stripe dashboard is showing $925 for month-to-day and counting back last 30 days we are almost $1000 MRR.

This is a big mile stone for me, working as a solo founder. So many night trying to improve our performance, fighting with hotmail/icloud spam filtering, learn quite a bit of Postfix/Rspamd on the spot.

Until $2000 :)

June 25, 2021 How to add query argument to Rails link_to

I need ability to path custom query argument to a Rails _path helper so I think sharing it here to help next person. The syntax looks like this

your_resources_path(query_param1: 'value1')

will generate URL like `resources?query_param1=value1

Take me a while to dig that out from :)

June 25, 2021 Release IMAP support

Originally we only do email forwarding and never intend to be an email platform. But eventually people want to email out through the domain, so we add SMTP support. And soon enough a few users asked us for IMAP so they can even read email without relying on an external inbox.

While we will continue focus on email forwarding and never intended to be a full hosted email solution, I think it's valuable for our users to have an option.

Today we release a beta of our IMAP implementation. That means you can fetch your IMAP using thunderbird, apple mail app or iphone app or even gmail app, anywhere supports IMAP you can hook up your account to.

Try it out here: and lets us know how you think.

June 8, 2021 Break 500 monthly revenue

Today is a big day for us. Finally we break $500 milestone. We have been trying really hard with customer supports. Email forwarding space is really competitive with many services offer free tier where we focus on paid subscription.

We have been tailor to give best experience and onboard customers, instead of winning the mass, we try to win over customers with high demand and have real business that demand important of email delivery.

We talk with customers, listen to what they want and eventually improve our maillog and webhook.

Until next time for $1000 milestone.


Every time I'm working on a new product, the first thing is buy a domain. The second thing is email. I don't want a full bloated email product like gsuite/zoho. All I need is to receive email send to my own domain.