October 16, 2019

Landing page revamp w/ gradients & social proof

Lachlan Tweedie @tweetzzzzz

This week I've revamped the landing page with some linear gradients and updated the mobile CSS styles, fonts, copy, a pricing section and our first social proof quote ⚡️🙌

Google Page Insights score for desktop is >90% now after optimising the images (I use ImageOptim) and async/defer-ing all <link> and <script> elements. On mobile I'm seeing CPU time is still rated red - wondering if this is to do with hosting on Netlify 🤔

All props go to my friend who's helped me design the logo and landing page. https://www.drewdrew.com.au/ 🙏

Landing page: https://www.handovr.io/

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    This looks amazing, really good design :)

    What is your main key selling point in comparison to invision for example? I see you took a step way before with uploading sketches and the designer converts them but it really does not get explained on the landing page (from "idea" to design review).

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      Thanks Kevin! Good question - I'm positioning the product to solve primarily for product managers and developers pain points (e.g. help product managers make simple specs that developers can easily digest, while bringing an "out of the box" process to product development to help early stage businesses). I think that differentiates it from Invision which seems to be targeted more at designers.

      Good point on the idea to design review - something I plan to definitely explore later down the roadmap. I thought focusing on allowing PMs to deliver "finalised" designs in the perfect format for developers was a good starting point to get some feedback. Maybe I need to make that clearer in the meantime.

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        Invision is definitely more targeted for designers, but still has this option:

        Do not know how you will make it work, but I guess you are targeting smaller companies/startups anyway. I will follow the progress :)