October 11, 2019

MVP is ready for the world

Lachlan Tweedie @tweetzzzzz

I recently left my job 3 weeks ago to work full-time on finishing the MVP of Handovr, and it's finally ready. The app is built with React + Golang which was pretty fun to throw together. My goal for the MVP was to complete the top priority features for the product manager customer archetype. Excited to get some customer feedback and see if Handovr is solving some pain points.

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Today's Top Milestones
  • MVP Launch
    The road was long and bumpy, but we learned a lot from it. After a couple of months of working day and night, we finally finished the first MVP of wha
  • Public launch
    On June 1st we will finally launch publically and start our marketing offensive to acquire new customers. We will only serve the Luxembourgish market