September 25, 2020

Built an App Widget 📱

Matt Kandler @mattkandler

With all the excitement around iOS 14 and App Widgets, I thought it'd be fun to launch one for Happyfeed. To start small, I launched a simple widget today that displays your most recent memory with a background image.

There was a lot to learn and it was actually really intimidating at first.

  • How to create an Extension - I spent half a day just fixing build errors and had to read a lot on proper setup.
  • Using App Groups to share data - Very interesting concept with how files can be shared between targets in Swift
  • Layout with SwiftUI - Incredibly intuitive (with a small learning curve). Can't wait to use this on other components.

Ultimately, getting started was the worst part and it didn't take more than 3 days of work. I've been using the widget on my home screen and, though it's not super complicated, it's a great starting point.

I'm mostly excited to take some of the learnings from this project to apply toward other ideas like a Watch App.

(My hope is that these integrations will help with the chance of getting featured.)

Today's Top Milestones
  • Posted on Reddit & LTD Sold!
    I've been always afraid of posting to such resources as Reddit or Hacker News. Because of this "imperfection syndrome", when you know that no everythi
  • Reached 1000+ paid users!
    We recently reached our 1000+ paid users - we would like to thanks our all users and team for this great effort and amazing work. In that time all Us
  • New library - ICONZ
    I am so happy to announce that we created a new premium 3D library ICONZ 🎉 🎉 After months of work and preparation, it is finally here. I believe ICO
  • Breather: Released Version 1!
    So I have finally gotten around to "finishing" a small side project I had lying around, called Breather. It's a mindfulness app that helps you keep a
  • First production use
    Yesterday I received a message from one company that they use to build their commercial product. The be
  • Crossed 500$ in book sales
    The book I wrote in May/June just crossed 500$ in sales. I put the book on Gumroad first as this was the easiest and cheapest way to share my work wit
  • 2000 registered users!
    It took almost 13 months for Episode Ninja to hit 1000 users, but only another 5 months after that to hit 2000! I started promoting the fact that you
  • 300 Email Subscribers before launch
    I created a simple landing page at and added a form in case someone was interested to subscribe and get a notification once I'm
  • Major changes
    I've made some major changes yesterday: - Removed the landing page; - Oversimplified the whole site & service; - Moved payment processing through Gumr
  • is Live!
    After roughly two weeks of development and tests, is finally live. Looking forward to publishing it so I can get as much feedbac