Shutting a service to create a feature

When we started finding ways to use data to give people more personal financial power, we looked at news and built this FANTASTIC news agreggator. You feed it stock market ticker symbols, it feeds you news when your stock appears in any of the top 60 English language news sources.

Notifications arrive in less than two minutes from publication, providing you with a focussed, near real-time flow of relevant information that can help you trade profitably.

We plugged it into Telegram to make the notifications better.

We dropped the news onto price charts to mark market price movements that correlate with news events easy to spot.

It's running on my desktop all the time, and I'm very proud of it.

We're shutting it down.

It costs money to run and isn't generating revenue. It seems that not many traders actually care about the news (well under 20% according to a national trading school tutor I talked to).

For traders who care more about numbers, we built and launched tradepath.app.

It feels like this news service is a premium feature for TradePath, rather than a service in itself, so that's where it's heading.

If you trade, do you consider news or numbers to be more important ?

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