October 17, 2019

Past-Due Updates

Kevin @keving

Well, it's been a while since we posted an update here and I think Harvy is slowly getting back on solid ground. I wanted to give an update on what's been happening here with Harvy over the past two months.

June 2019
In June I announced a Feedback program - I was looking for testers to help me out and share some thoughts. On a positive note, over the weeks following, Harvy received some great feedback. I conducted one-on-one interviews with multiple users, gathering feedback, asking questions, and most importantly, seeing how Harvy worked.

Unfortunately, the biggest takeaway from the feedback sessions was that Harvy just didn't work.

The iOS app was buggy, not responding, crashing, and overall not good quality.

Near the end of July, I had to send out the sad email that the Feedback program was canceled and there would be no shirts.

July 2019-October 2019
Over the past 3 months, Harvy has been in hard-core rebuild mode. There have been a handful of changes to the web version - copy updates, hiding of features that weren't quite ready yet, and other small updates - but nothing that you would have noticed. (At one point maps were broken but we are good now).

Now that we are coming to a close in October, Harvy version 2.0 is looking really good. App stability is dramatically increased, app design looks fantastic, and I have been using it on runs for the past week. More bugs will come up with more users, but I'll be doing a softer release out to test it out.

Other Updates
I have officially moved back from Boulder, CO to Atlanta, GA. Probably part of the cause for slow developments but it is good to be home. I hope to join the Atlanta running scene here over the next year to share Harvy more and receive more feedback.

Be on the lookout - big news coming soon.


Read this post on the blog: https://blog.harvy.app/past-due-updats/

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