December 25, 2019

Soft Launch (IndieHackers only!). Please Feedback!

David Klein @dakl

So, I basically finished just now. A couple hours late to the Christmas Launch Deadline, but anyway.

It's .htaccess protected for now, because it's still not quite ready for prime time yet.

Design, functionally and overall site are ready though, and i would love your feedback on it.
Username: ih2020
Password: letmein

EDIT: Needs some additional work. Will have to revoke access to for now. Another 24-48 hours and I’ll regrant access. Better safe than sorry! Mea maxima culpa!

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    Loved your landing page. It does the job perfectly.

    Do you have an idea of your ideal customer or use case?

    Also, very curious, why does it cost you $1.59 per verification? Sounds like a lot to be honest. What's your infrastructure like?

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      Oh, another missed question:

      Infrastructure is quite exhaustive:

      • Bare Metal server, 2 CPU, 8GB Ram
      • 1x GTX Titan (to help with Hashing)
      • Domain cost

      If interest picks up, I can scale up to 6x Titans and 4CPU 32GB Ram and load balance between multiple of them as well.

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        How much speed up do you get from the Titan? Do you think it’s necessary to pay for all this capacity at your stage?

        Maybe running it on CPU only for the time being would be more cost effective, until you reach more traction?

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          Yes, it actually would and I am looking into how to do that now. In my mind, I thought: "hey, let's built it with scale in mind. 1.000.000 hashes per second for 10.000 customers... it needs to be able to do that." ;)

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      1.59$ should come down quite drastically. Currently it's being calculated from my yearly operating costs (server, domain, etc.) and the total of hashes/verifications.

      So, it's 453 hashes and $718.56. Comes down to 1.59$ / Hash at the moment. So at 100.000 Hashes the cost would be less than $0.008. ;)

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        Okay okay :D it makes much more sense that way!

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      Yes and no. Ideal customers would be developers, use cases could be a gazillion different thing. Hashing messages, verifying content, timestamping, etc.

      It really should just be a simple enough API to hash and verify whatever you need with more than 50 different algorithms and integrate it into your own use cases.

      I built it specifically, since I don't want to reinvent the wheel everytime in my sourcecodes whenever I want to hash or verify something. A simple GET and PUSH and it's done.

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        I like the simplicity of the concept, don’t get me wrong, but depending on the use cases there might be different tradeoffs to optimize for.

        For example, you’re mentioning a no-log policy, which sounds like you’re implicitly targeting authentication among other high security use cases. But it has the implication that you need a pretty high SLA (nobody wants their login down if your API is down as well)

        Discovering use cases (and your ideal customer) helps you fine tune your messaging to show people what matters to them.

        Also keep in mind, most likely in your case the developer is the user, but the buyer could be someone else.

        Understanding the user/buyer dynamics is vital to have sales. It would also help you understand what pricing model is the most sensible for your market (credit based? subscription + N hashes per month? etc)

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          You are absolutely right! Pricing is currently only for relaxed rate limits. The free service has a 1 Hash/second rate limit, whereas the priced plans will start from 10 Hashes/Second up to 100 Hashes/Second. Also I am looking at priced plans from $2 to $19 /month, capped on only API call rate limits.

          SLA is my next big milestone, before offering paid plans. I want add a worldwide CDN on top of different data centers (currently Frankfurt Datacenter, Dublin and Stockholm up next).

          Not quite sure how to approach non-EU datacenters just yet...

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    Hey, this is very cool! Interesting product and good design. I think I could use it myself.

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      Thanks for the kind words! Really appreciated!