December 19, 2019


David Klein @dakl

Sneak peek


✅ Domain purchase completed

✅ Hosting setup completed (3core, 8gb, 256gb NVMe, 2x GTX Titan, fully autoscaling to up to 4 additional same-spec machines) -> omfg, this is expensive!

✅ SSL completed

✅ Hash API completed

✅ Verification API completed (for Argon2, BCRYPT, etc.)

✅ Output in JSON and JSONP completed

✅ API documentation completed

✅ Legal content completed (Legal notice, privacy policy, cookie notice)

✅ Stresstest completed (it can handle about a gazillion hashes per second ;) )

✅ MailChimp newsletter setup completed


🔳 Output in XML and plain dump

🔳 Developer kit with composer

🔳 Pre-hashed verification API

SaaS specific unfinished

🔳 Login area

🔳 User specific salts/peppers

🔳 User hashing history

🔳 Payment model

🔳 Stripe integration


🔳 Launch

For this project, I will deliberately not have any form of tracking in place due to the sensitive material that could be hashed. So no Google Analytics, Remarketing tags, GTM, Facebook Pixels, etc. Not even server logs! The only measurement being tracked is revenue in form of subscribed accounts and the total amount of hashes/verifications being made on the platform as a number. That's it.

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