December 22, 2019

Subscription Naming Struggle

David Klein @dakl

Reposting this due to timezone difference ;(

I am setting up's subscription plans at Stripe, and am struggling with how to name it. It's essentially just a single subscription plan for when you want some additional extras not available with our free API.

What you get with a paid plan:

  • Full history of all hashes made with timestamps
  • 10 Hashes/Second (free API gives 1 Hash/Second)
  • Add custom Salts (and Peppers)
  • Multi-Hashing: Double, Triple and Quadruple Hashing (counts as one hash)
  • Mix & Match of different Hashing Algorithms for Multi-Hashing

I am planning to price this on the ultra-cheap side. Let's say for now about 2-4 $/month, or 19-39 $/year.

How should I call this account plan? Usually I go for "Starter/Startup, Pro, Enterprise", but since I only have one single plan for I am kind of lost right now.

What I came up with already:

Currently I settled with Pro, but don't really fancy it very much.

Anyone have any ideas? All of the above don't really click with me... ;(

  1. 2

    How about Premium?

    1. 1

      🤦 How did I not think of this? Thanks a lot!

      1. 1

        Sometimes it takes a step back :D Happy to help!

        You can also get more creative, for example: "Bettr Hashr"

  2. 1

    And what about

  3. 1

    Just to throw in another suggestion .. how about " Plus" or " +" ?

    Also .. taking a step back. I'm guessing you want more people to switch to the paid version if they see value. You may want to consider renaming the free version with " Free" and keep the paid one as "". That way a implicit suggestion is being made to the usr about upgrading for full feature access.

    1. 1

      This is also a fantastic idea. I think I’ll settle with:

      If I ever need to add a third tier, I can go Premium

      1. 1

        If you're up for it, would love your feedback on as well (smart search bar for any website to attract more power users and make navigation dead simple)

        1. 1

          Sifted through your Navigator product. Looks wicked! Why do you have a top navigation if there is only the logo on the left?

          What I would add (if possible) is to invoke the demo with a wizard and let your users walk through the product. At first I was confused about how to invoke it. Presses CMD+Space and Spotlight came on :)

          Also the ' to invoke the navigation seems a bit off, since I need to have key combination to invoke the Navigator and the another key-combination (german keyboard it's SHIFT+# to get the ') to get to the navigation.

          Another think that confused me is:

          • You offer a snippet. How do I use that and how does it get my pages information?

          Another fun thing I would add as an easter egg is: Add the KONAMI code to invoke the Navigator ;)

          1. 1

            Thank you for the kind words and feedback!

            re Top navigation: a Login button is coming soon :) .. Although internally we argue about if we really need the navigation at all since navigator is a superset of the functionalities in header and footer of a page. The supportive argument is the familiarity of placement of header and footer makes for an appealing page. Would love to hear your thoughts as well.

            re Invocation and better demo: We'll work on making a clearer demo.

            re ': Thanks for pointing that out about the german keyboard. ' is our command character. In the near future it'll allow widget operation such as >'recent< to show your recent searches instead of searching for the word recent in your website.

            re snippet: We'll try and make the instructions clearer and maybe add a sample page people can download as well. The instructions are just suppose to be copy and paste that snippet on your html's body and you see the widget on page load! .. That snippet is just a demo .. and shows your social data (that you add in). For a real integration of your websites content, we index it behind the scene for you and share an API key that you use. Again with a script tag that you paste on your html page, you get the widget.

            If you're up for it, we'd be happy to build an API key for you to test on your site and tell us about your experience. We've recently launched a free pilot program and would love to onboard you. Just shoot us an email at [email protected]

            1. 1

              Ok, here is my official request for an API key ;) just send me one over at [email protected]

              1. 1

                Just wanted to check if you received the API key and how things were going .. we emailed you a few days back.

                1. 1

                  I did and thank you. Have not yet had the time to fully dig through it though. My apologies. I will in the coming days though!

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