December 21, 2019

Subscription Product Name struggle

David Klein @dakl

I am setting up's subscription plans at Stripe, and am struggling with how to name it. It's essentially just a single subscription plan for when you want some additional extras not available with our free API.

What you get with a paid plan:

  • Full history of all hashes made with timestamps
  • 10 Hashes/Second (free API gives 1 Hash/Second)
  • Add custom Salts (and Peppers)
  • Multi-Hashing: Double, Triple and Quadruple Hashing (counts as one hash)
  • Mix & Match of different Hashing Algorithms for Multi-Hashing

I am planning to price this on the ultra-cheap side. Let's say for now about 2-4 $/month, or 19-39 $/year.

How should I call this account plan? Usually I go for "Starter/Startup, Pro, Enterprise", but since I only have one single plan for I am kind of lost right now.

What I came up with already:

Anyone have any ideas? All of the above don't really click with me... ;(

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