September 20, 2020

Added the components to Codepen

Rob Stinson @robstinson

I'd been building this library of Tailwind CSS components out for a while. I was always rebuilding things between projects, and having these snippets of code up my sleeve saved me a ton of time.

I figured there was a bunch of other Tailwind CSS users out there like me. Those that needed something that was purely functional, on top of which they could layer their own style.

Thoughts about a website that could handle the library, code snippets, live editing, etc, etc, went out the window. For now, I just want to share the components and see if my assumption is correct. Will people find them useful.

Initial components are live on Codepen.
I'll add a few more over the coming weeks.

Next steps:

  • Fill out the library a little more
  • Simple landing page
  • Make a little more noise (Twitter, PH, etc)

Will I monetise this? Probably not. If it's valuable, it will most likely build me a bit of an audience. For now, though, I'm happy to contribute back to the FE dev community.

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