January 3, 2020

Launching soon, it is way harder than I thought


I read lots of milestones & articles on Indie Hackers about developing side-projects as a solo developer so, actually, I was sort of aware that what I am going in to. (It's gonna be hard)

But, folks, that's really f*** freakin tough :D

Being a solo developer and developing a side project while working already full-time does require a ton of motivation.

For last couple of months, I have been developing Healthy.Codes (https://Healthy.Codes) and nearly completed it. I am planning to release the first version in couple of weeks but my motivation is almost over.

So, in order to boost my motivation, I decided to launch a "Coming Soon/Landing Page"

I know that most of you guys are developing your products and you may be interested in Healthy.Codes

Having your comments, feedbacks, questions will be super motivating for me. Maybe some of you would even want to be early-beta users (which would make me x100 motivated :))

I am kindly expecting any bit of your feedbacks, including -possibly harsh ones :)



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