February 17, 2020

Feedback Survey (200 responses!)

Nick Pierson @NickOnTheWeb

After deciding to work on a successor to soundoftext.com, I wanted to see what people would want from it.

I designed a Google Form with questions picked to tell me whether or not people would actually be willing to pay for a new service in the text-to-speech space. In order to get feedback, I simply added a large banner at the very top of Sound of Text asking users to lend me some of their time.

Rather quickly, I started getting responses, and they were looking positive. More than half of respondents said that the pricing model that I wanted to pitch was the "right price" or a "great deal". Of course, responses are free, so I didn't put too much weight on it.

Within two weeks I had reached over 200 responses. At that point, I had already decided the vision for Hearling, so I closed the survey.

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