December 22, 2019

We decided to close HeartBids


Last week, my co-founder and I decided to shutter HeartBids. We are not getting the traction we were hoping for. It was very hard for us to convince artists to add items for auction on the platform and without those items, the platform is useless.

Neither me and my co-founder feel particularly sad about this, we had a lot of fun working together and learned a lot of things.

Here are some random things we learned during our 3 month journey:

  • We need to spend more time validating the market. Blind auctions seemed like a great idea in our initial enthusiasm. In the end, nobody cared for it and I'm sure most people (even HeartBids users) did not even fully understand it.
  • Building a product that requires network effect is hard, and even harder on 1 to 2 hours per day. We are on the lookout for a product idea that can provide immediate value even if only 1 person uses it.
  • It's amazing how much you can accomplish in that initial steak of enthusiasm!
  • It's crazy how much of a grind it can be to work on a product once that initial streak of enthusiasm is over.
  • Boring technologies rule! We built the site with Python / Django / Bootstrap / JQuery and we could get an MVP online in no time.

We would like to thank everyone here in this great community for their support and advice!

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