June 16, 2019

1 product in 1 week (exclusive for Indie Hackers)

Max @mmr

Inspired by @calummoore's "one product a week" project, I decided to do a one-time version of it as a personal challenge.

That was one week ago, so it's time for the result to go live. With a twist: it's written specifically for (and only open to) members of IndieHackers.

Let me introduce HelpMatch: https://helpmatch.co

Pick the areas you need help with ("landing page feedback", "user testing", "seo"), the areas you can help with, and find fellow IndieHackers having matching needs & offers.

Screenshot: https://helpmatch.co/screenshot.png

EDIT: anyone registering, be sure to check your spam folder for the message with the login link, some spam filters may take the freshness of the domain (less than 24 hours as I write) as a red flag.

Hat tip to @sergey_shvets for feedback and to @kareman and @emwalker for early test-driving!

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