November 18, 2019

We published our 50th blog post

Shay @HelpStay

In August 2017 we launched our company blog called 'The Volunteer Journal' . The idea behind the blog was twofold - to drive traffic and improve our SEO.

We wanted to write great posts with useful information around volunteering abroad that would genuinely help travellers.

We trawled the web for influencers in the travel industry and contacted over 100 influencers via emails asking them if they would be interested in writing for us. Those who responded were sent our guidelines, and offered a post fee of $125 per a published post. This approach produced limited results.

A more successful approach was where we produced a 'Write for us' page on our site ( which achieved good SEO ranking for the term 'Paid writing gig'. We got a lot of interest this way and particularly interest from writers who had volunteered abroad, and were happy to share their experience.

At the moment we're rerunning and updating the posts, sharpening their SEO - to see can we improve it.

If you're thinking about starting a blog for your business, and have a question, feel free to ask as I might be able to help you avoid some of the mistakes we made :)

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