December 20, 2019

1000 members in two months

Kostas Mavropalias @mavco

A few days ago Hero35 crossed the 1,000 members milestone!

Promoting a new project with no budget and no existing following, is hard.

We launched the Alpha on Oct 12th with a post on Twitter, which got us some traffic after it was picked up by a user with 20k followers.

What made a bigger impact was a post on the /reactjs sub-reddit on the end of October.

However, the real game changer—to my surprise—were Facebook groups! We got massive traffic and overwhelmingly positive feedback, after sharing the project on a few groups.

The most recent effort was a post with the 2019 conference talks that I've been curating on Hero35 ( This resonated with many users and went viral, even getting into one of the biggest React newsletters.

Since we went into Alpha, we have had 7k unique user visits and 25k page views, according to our Google Analytics. But, tracking our users (developers) is a challenge on itself, since most use ad blockers and Google Analytics gets blocked. We're seeing almost an order of magnitude more users in our FullStory tracking, which seems to be friendlier to ad blockers (unfortunately, we use the free version which has an 1k monthly user limit, so we only get a glimpse of the whole picture).

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