January 7, 2020


Jamhur Mustafayev @jmstfv

Initially, I didn’t give too much thought about the name and called the product Pineapple (because why not). Out of curiosity, I contacted the owner of pineapple .com to inquire about the price of that domain. They quoted me a whopping 8 figure price range (no kidding!). No way I could see myself shelling out so much for a few bytes that cost $8.03/yr at the lowest (not that I have that much to start with). On top of that, I knew it’d be tough to reach the first few pages on search engines with that name. The competition for that keyword is brutal. That's when I decided its time to part with Pineapple. I renamed the product to Hexadecimal, purchased tryhexadecimal.com for $14.90, and never looked back.

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