October 18, 2019

Launched Beta App


Months of work and testing. Hoping to at minimum get some feedback - good or bad. This is my first time launching a mobile app so trying to figure out how to generate buzz. Social media isn't really my thing but I may have to force myself to spend more time on that. Also looking for other places to promote the app.

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    First off, from the website I had no idea what the product is.

    I then clicked over to the google play store, and it's still not that clear to me what the app does. I'd try and make it clear in the first screenshot(s) as I had to read the description.

    I'd give it a download expect it doesn't work on my Pixel or my Tablet, is there a reason for that?

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      It should work on any phone but I've only tested it on an iPhone and Pixel 3. I assume you are using an older gen so I will give it a try on an older phone I have. Thanks for the feedback!

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        I actually don't get the option to install at all (it says it's not compatible with my devices)

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          Actually I may have figured it out. Might have had something to do with publish settings.

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          I just tried it out on a Nexus 6P which came out before the Pixel and it runs & installs. I read some articles that suggest the error you are seeing could be a Google play store issue than can be resolved by clearing the app cache for Google play or in some cases indicates the need to upgrade the version of android. If you want help with either of those things let me know.. otherwise thanks again for taking a look!