December 11, 2019

Landing page launched using no-code tool

Vlad Shulman @vdizzle

I've been lovin' this website building tool (thanks to the indiehackers interview with AJ of carrd). Following yesterday's launch of the web app and in preparation for user acquisition, I published a landing page.

Also really liked the YC startup school website content advice of being able to answer the typical first-time-visitor questions:

  • What is it? I'm trying a new one-liner pitch on homepage, "hi5 is a website to discuss local news and get invited to events with people who respond to your comments"
  • Is it right for me? I put on homepage that it's for people in their 20's and 30's who live in Troy and looking to meet new people
  • Is it legit? This one is tough to answer right now, so not sure yet. Maybe in future I'll put stats around how many users, number of events organized, number of people who exchanged phone numbers?
  • Who else is using it? I think same as above
  • How much? What's the catch? I made an attempt at answering this on the "how it works" page; event tickets are expected to be $10-$40, and the catch is that you have to exchange comments with people before being invited to hangout
  • Where can I get help? I added the chat tool Drift (bottom right corner icon), as well as my email and text info for folks to feel comfortable reaching out to me directly