November 18, 2019

Moved to low-cost-living city, to go full-time

Vlad Shulman @vdizzle

Decided to pursue hi5 idea full-time, so moved to Troy, New York and found downtown studio apartment for $675 per mo. Put student loans into deferment, so my savings are estimated to last four months. Would like to validate idea in this city, and then move to SanFran to continue pursuit.

What I think I'm building: you go to hi5 website to play a simple game, discuss local news, and get invited to hangout with people who get along with you.

Goals for next four months:

  • Build web app penpal game (using Bubble & PlayCanvas tools)
  • 100 monthly subscribers (paying $1 monthly)
  • 25% weekly-active-usage rate for onboarded players
  • 25 event tickets sold per week
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