December 5, 2019

Prototype of my game starting to work

Vlad Shulman @vdizzle

demo gif

Functionality so far:

  • access game via URL (works fine on both mobile and desktop browsers)
  • move camera around
  • click on object (cat) to earn points
  • sound effect and coin animation for clicking on cat
  • shake phone (if using mobile browser) to earn points
  • city asset is a 3d map of my city's downtown (Troy, NY)

Next features being planned:

  • add variable to count and store points
  • add clickable objects to mark points of interest on the city map
  • setup postMessage logic to send data over iframe
  • draw user interface to show points earned and local news content
  • start working on Bubble (setup database, setup game iframe, build interface)

Thoughts for this update:
It took me a while to figure out how to do animations, sound effects, and camera linear interpolation effect, but those small details made a big difference to making the gameplay feel smoother. I also thought the "shake phone for points" idea was fun (inspired by the shake weight); I track the device orientation and when phone is tilted a certain amount, it triggers a point to be awarded.

I was also going to just use a google map screenshot, but found a nice tutorial on exporting 3d maps; I'm starting to like the idea of the city being 3d (used the free version; might upgrade to paid tool in future to make the city look more realistic with colors indicating parks/river/etc).

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