Anthony Lee is 🥇No.1 on the leaderboard with 236!

I thought I have domain buying addiction and boy, the internet always proves you wrong!

Here is the current leaderboard of https://highscore.domains
🥇 Anthony Lee (@anthonylee)
🥉Joshua Magee

And most importantly, it was super fun building this!

There are still a lot of things to take care of. For starters, people are sharing screenshots as proof of domain ownership and I'm planning to automate that using TXT record. (but updating so many domains to prove ownership would be super hard ?)

By the way, how many domains do you own?
Go add your entry here: https://highscore.domains/entry/new

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      what made you more existing?

      is it "thank god others own more domains than me and I can relax now"? 😁

        1. 2

          I have cast my vote and it's 11-20 😄

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    Interesting concept. What exactly is the purpose of hoarding domain names? Is it even possible to get someone to stumble upon a taken name and sell it to them in 2021?

    I’ve had a few domains in the past and all have expired. They were completely unused and I had no clue how to “broadcast” to the world that it existed and could be purchased from me. Any tips or explanation on how to do this (step-by-step) would certainly be appreciated. Also that type of info would be good to include on this site in an FAQ or something.

    1. 2

      The business model of many sites like that is to have you list your domain + take a cut or have you pay for membership/etc, so a quick search for 'where to sell my domain' should give you lots of marketplaces.

      Imagine buying 10 domains and hodling them for 5 years at $20 per (includes broadcast fee). That's $1000 invested over 5 years.

      Now imagine AirBNB.us blows up and wants the .com from you? That's multiple times $1000. Large multiples on just 1 domain!

      That's why you hoard short, easy to remember domains.

      "BuyIt.com" = good
      "eeeeee.com" = bad...

      1. 1

        Interesting. And thanks, you answered what I was looking for more information about. That said, now that I understand the strategy, I can’t imagine anyone is actually making money off this endeavor.

    2. 1

      If I understand correctly, you are
      (1) looking for a way to buy back you're recently expired domains OR
      (2) want a way to tell the world that a few of your domains are going to be expired and hence someone can buy them?

      for the first one, I think there is some constraint on when you can buy them. I'll research this properly and add it to the website (maybe a knowledge center or FAQ section )

      for the second one, I'm going to dedicate today to build that out!.
      Something like https://highscore.domains/expiring

      I think it's crucial to not let your domains just get expired. Someone should benefit from them if not both! (reminded me of my expired ones 😔)

      1. 2

        I'm not sure @nichijouJD worried about the possibility of buying one back, but just in case...

        Depending on the registrar, there's a 95% chance to buy the domain back within 10-15 days

        The chances go down from there, but not to 0. Maybe no one was watching it or even after it was officially dropped (30 days for example), maybe no one has bought it since

        1. 1

          You are correct. Seems like not about buying back.

  2. 2

    love the idea of the TXT - then you can focus on the fun parts

    1. 1

      Challenge would be for the entries which has so many domains! Manually updating all the domains would be so cumbersome!

      1. 2

        Have you looked? https://duckduckgo.com/?q=bulk+add+txt+dns

        That is proly best if you can share it. Many registrars have bulk operations - esp for folks like this that have so many domains.

        Since they're invested enough to share picts, they're proly ok adding the records.

        1. 1

          Love that you are using duckduckgo instead of THE ONE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED!

          Going to try that for /expiring domains (hoping the count would be comparatively low)
          and then based on that experience start asking TXT verification for all domains!

  3. 2

    I was dominating until Anthony came :(

    1. 2

      There, there!

      On a serious note, it's still pretty good! I though my ~20 (May be less) would be far more than others before planned to make this leaderboard!

  4. 1

    Domain name squatters are disgusting.

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