September 21, 2020

Himalayas Update 2

Abi Tyas Tunggal @AlphaBravoIndia


Faster, better designed search

We sped up search suggestions making it faster than ever to find jobs that are relevant to you. We’ve also added your current text as a result underneath the main search and suggestions now highlight the part that matches your query.

Additionally, job category now have their own icons, making it even easier to see which suggestions fit your criteria. Each job category badge now has its own color, another simple way for you to quickly delineate between different jobs.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Updated changelog open graph image
  • Fixed issue where period would cause open graph images to not render properly
  • Fixed issue where Euclid font was not rendering on mobile devices
  • Badge text now overflows vertically rather than horizontally
  1. 4

    Looking good guys!

  2. 3

    Nice product, I wish you good luck.
    BTW, I tried to use the site, but got the next error which appeared in the network only and not in the site itself:
    Operations quota exceeded, change plan to get more Operations.

    1. 2

      Thanks for the heads up! We’ve fixed this 💸

Today's Top Milestones
  • First customer interview 🤗
    We're building SEOly to become the one-stop-shop solution for Indie Hackers looking to improve their SEO. We'll cover On-Page SEO (Technical Checks an
  • Better Shirts
    Maker Threads and Better Sheets have come together to make Better Shirts. Better shirts than your mom can sew for ya, at least. Launched on product hu
  • 🤑September breakdown
    I am a bit late, because October is already coming to an end. But here are my figures for September :) Ads revenue: 125€ In-App purchases: 52,61€ Tota
  • Monthly Text Expansion, Subscriptions
    It's been a while! Typing Hero now helps 20K+ monthly active users expanding text 12M+ times each month! As for the subscription, it currently has 67
  • Started a project
    I had a personal need for a CRM. This is competitive space but I needed an idea and this if nothing else, will be something I can use in my Real Estat
  • Upcoming on Product Hunt
    Rotor's Page on Product Hunt's Upcoming is now live at Not quite sure whether it's worth to bite the bulle
  • New blogpost: Human-readable timestamps with Luxon
    I heard about Moment.js getting essentially deprecated and found myself trying out a few of the alternatives. Google is still oversaturated with solut
  • Revenue raising activities underway
    AdSense has been setup to autoplace a small to moderate number of ads within the site. I didn't want it to be too disruptive so vignette and dropdown
  • After about 3 months break, we are regaining focus
    Hey there Indie Hacker, As you read the title, me with Rares and Marcel we took a bit of a break from developing Code News and investing time and mone
  • Article about the idea inception for Minibri Score
    Read my new article at and find answers to the following questions: - Why build Mi