December 19, 2019

Hitchd is born

Ollie Rozdarz @Hitchd

Like many, we'd seen our fair share of wedding seasons come and go. When it came to the delicate process of gift selection, we thought we'd just about seen it all.

Think; old-school registries made in the '80s, traditional bridal registries that only let you select from a limited range of white goods, and travel registries that are harder to set up than an IKEA flat pack.

We wanted the honeymoon of our dreams. We daydreamed of switching off our phones, hitting the open road, and exploring new places for the first time as husband and wife.

Most of all, we wanted something that would remove the awkwardness of asking for money. Something that made guests feel like they were meaningfully contributing to our big adventure, not just blindly giving us money.

After many failed search attempts, we realized to get the registry we wanted; we'd have to create it ourselves. The next morning, the concept of Hitchd was born.

Our three main goals for Hitchd were to create a registry that was:

Flexible — so guests could contribute to our unique gifts and experiences
Easy to use — so even our grandparents could use it
Contemporary — to reflect our style.

For the following 6 months, we spent countless hours and late nights turning what began as an ambitious idea, into a working registry, which reflected exactly what we had initially envisioned. By the time our wedding date was set, Hitchd was ready to be sent out to our guests.

Using Hitchd, not only did we manage to fund our entire honeymoon from Australia to Bora Bora, US, and Mexico - but our guests loved it. Many said they were excited to see how their contribution was being used, and the fact they knew we'd like the gift made all the difference. A hand full of friends even asked how they could use it for their upcoming weddings.

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