Launched MVP for email shortcuts to Trello/Gdocs

Hey IH peeps!

I finished up Hitsnag's MVP almost a week ago and after some testing, it's time to start letting people use it!

Hitsnag.com is email shortcuts that let you email straight into the productivity app of your choice. For right now we offer Gdocs and Trello "Snag" shortcuts but plan on adding a boatload more. (Wasn't planning to have Trello at this point but got it in there!)

It's for people who like organizing things quickly and those who email themselves a lot!

I've always loved building ways to make things much faster than used to be, and this is no exception. Would love any feedback or ideas, and you'd make my day if you could sign up! The launch discount code is EARLYBIRD4SNAGS.

If it's not useful enough just let me know at our support email on the site.


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