November 20, 2019

The Idea of HiveMentor Expanded

Ryan Eustice @lifeofry

As I was exploring startup ideas, I met my cofounder- Luke from the Netherlands. We were both traveling in Bali and had been talking about different problems we've faced in our journies as entrepreneurs.
The topic of mentorship came up and he pitched me what would become HiveMentor. I am naturally people-oriented, and he metric-focused so we made a great pair.
As soon as I heard the idea I immediately connected to it.
I've seen so many "cure-all" courses and solutions to grow your business, but what both of us have encountered is that real guidance from someone who has done it before, someone who can personally answer your questions has been the most helpful.
Mentorship has been around for ages but, has gotten lost in our evergrowing, online world. We decided to change that with HiveMentor.

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