January 16, 2021

Published it on Product Hunt today

Solus Factor @solus


Although it's on the home page, that didn't bring many users. I certainly expected more from Product Hunt. Seems like it's shrinking, I remember it being way more popular...

Sad to see giant companies sucking all the attention of people from the Internet. In the past you could share something and there would be a lot of people interested, but now - why bother when there's a next season on Netflix?

I wonder if this path we've chosen as a society is good for us...

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    PH used to be place I checked every day for new useful products. But then people started to abuse it by creating 30 min side project and submit there just for exposure, instead to provide real value.

    So I guess people got over saturated with bunch of unrelated, none-valuable stuff.

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    Hi, not sure how many visits/active users are on product hunt but i always saw it as a place from founders for founders so unless you have a tool for other founders/created i would not expect much from PH.
    Anyway try many more platforms, maybe you find the right one.


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