August 3, 2020

Analytics Manifesto To All Hustlers

Michael Fenix @michael_fenix

Hey founders,

I am sorry to talk harsh but someone had to do it.

We are hustlers. We love freedom and passionate about our businesses.

We are doing everything we can to solve a problem, make people happy, and earn their trust.

We are in this to make a difference, to leave a legacy behind, and to be happy.

Thanks to our businesses, thousands of people are solving a problem, a problem that has been a pain point before us.

I am so grateful for this amazing community, to the things I learned from it, and to the friends I made.

To grow our businesses we hustle a lot which is invaluable from my perspective.

Aside from all the hustle, we have to use analytics to grow and scale our businesses. But the world of user analytics is built upon false premises and unfulfilled assurances my hustler friends:

Hey google analytics users, it’s 2020 and you still need to manually ga(‘send’) everything

Hey fathom/plausible/simple-analytics users, it’s 2020 and you can only see your referrers on your dashboard

Hey everyone who needs analytics, it’s 2020 and you still have to do everything manually. The tools you pay for don’t give you enough data or make you work for it. The tools you don’t pay for harvest each data point and send it to 3rd parties.

Huh, in the age of artificial intelligence and literal flying cars, Mixpanel can still write that 10-30 hours of development time to track 60 events is a huge achievement, and funnily, get away with it.

HockeyStack is an analytics tool delivered to you by another hustler who struggled to understand his data with other tools. Let me tell you the differences between other tools and HockeyStack in two parts:

HockeyStack is different from simple data tools because they don't analyze your data in-depth. It is the main reason why they call themselves 'simple'.

On the other hand, we call our dashboard easy to understand because we present an in-depth analysis of your data on an easy-to-understand dashboard.

Tools like Mixpanel, Hotjar are great. However, you need to set up .track() functions and need coding skills to analyze your data.

Then you also need to spend a lot of time on your dashboard to understand what is going on there.

I hope you find HockeyStack useful and each one of you can achieve the surging growth with it.

Greetings to all hustlers,


It is here:

If you have any feedback, please comment below. Proud to be a hustler :)

  1. 1

    Giving HockeyStack short. So far so good !

  2. 1

    Curious about this, who are your customers? Is it bootstrappers, digital marketers, freelancers?

    1. 1

      Currently, the focus is on non-technical founders of small SaaSes. Though I'm exploring no-code tool users by spending some time in the Shopify and Unbounce communities.

  3. 1

    I really like the manifesto idea, but I think you might be comparing different markets.

    I don't think you can compare with Mixpanel, because what are you doing is more visitor tracking and front-end tracking (such as clicks etc).

    There is a value to tracking on the backend and really thinking as a founder what to track and how. So you can draw insights from it. I find that not all events can be tracked via front-end, and not every activation point is related to a click or browser event.

    Using tools like Segment and Mixpanel has value too, especially for SaaS tools. They are also a different market which I think is usually referred to as product analytics.

  4. 1

    Haha good sell. Good luck.

    FWIW I'd like to see more screenshots before I would sign up. Im also too cheap though.

    1. 1

      Live demo is live right now:

      1. 1

        Really cool. It really gives the easy feel I think you are going for. Simple big numbers, nice!
        I'd put page view above referrers+device type. And once your able to drill in a little bit more I think you've got a great product. I really want to click on a page and have it filter the charts.

        Good luck.

        1. 1

          ahahah thank you so much @StephenN

    2. 1

      I will upload a live demo today

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