January 12, 2020

January 2020 Update

Szymon Dukla @outlaw1995

Last year has been filled with changes and massive evolution of Festivo and we don't want to stop that. Every day, we’re building new Festivo functionality based on input from our inspiring, global Festivo community.

Today we want to introduce two, small in terms of complicity but huge when it goes for ease of use of Festivo, changes - first of all, you're now able to update your password directly in Dashboard's user details section. In addition to that, we've also added (finally) a functionality to reset your password in case you've might forgotten it.

As well as those minor functionalities and changes, we would like to announce something big coming to Festivo in the upcoming weeks and months. We are working on a new, better version of Festivo. Along new landing page, some upgraded branding, comes much better UX, better usability, but moreover new, better and flexible pricing plans. We will be sharing more detailed information on upcoming changes soon.

We keep our fingers crossed and hope, you'll be with us in the front seats watching Festivo growing!

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