August 31, 2019

August Retrospective

Josh Sherman @joshtronic

Been an interesting month with the service. We've expanded into having 3 feature based tiers and and have been talking to a ton of customers.

Usually customer conversations revolve around a lack of features, but this month was actually heavily focused on user confused, specifically with a single feature on the site. This led to adding a new API parameter to allow folks to query data in a few way.

Earlier in the month we added another feature that had been requested a handful of times, and we decided to "fuck it, ship it" and drop an email to announce the feature.

This was a shift from doing formal "monthly newsletters" and actually led to us sending out 2 emails this month. By focusing on single features in the emails, I was able to change the tone of the email from being a bullet list of updates and really deep dive into a full explanation of things.

It felt good, the tone felt more conversational and natural to me.

From a sales perspective, things are going well. Customer conversations don't always turn into conversions, but often times they are. These conversations are helping me to identify bottlenecks in our sales process and explore solutions to make things more repeatable.

Really great month overall. A lot of things got done, even though I had 2 separate trips to California. I'm actually sitting at breakfast right now writing this before going to Pasadena Daydream Fest (The Cure, Deftones, Pixies, OMFG :hearts:).

The lack of time this month really helped pushed more work out the door. As they say, pressure makes diamonds.

Here's to crushing September!

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