Launched my 1st paid programme

After running a pilot programme with members last year, I launched the 1st official INF Club Mastermind Programme this week.

The launch consisted of:

  • a 'setting the scene' video/podcast (pre-launch)
  • x4 emails over launch week (opened 1st Feb, closed 7th Feb)

In total, I had 10 signups ($247 each, with x2 members purchasing at a discounted priced of $197) = $2370

Combined with some annual membership renewals (I launched membership this time last year), I made ~$3000/£2000 this month, easily by best 'indie' month yet.

  1. 1

    hey @csallen, is there any way to change my product link to /infclub? (I had a business called Honest Content at the time, and I just renamed that to INF Club when I started my blog)

    1. 1

      Not at the moment, but I'll add a way eventually

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