Made my first $1000 online

Nearly 5 years after starting my first blog, I have made & received my first $1000 online. After initially throwing a tantrum that my "launch" didn't go better, this was quickly replaced by acceptance, gratitude and the realisation that I've come a long way.

There is energy behind this project, and I'm excited to double-down and produce more written, audio & video content in the weeks & months ahead.

  1. 3

    Hey Jas! So pleased for you!

    How'd you make the $1000?

    1. 1

      Thanks Rosie! I almost reached out to tell you, actually.

      In short, I co-hosted an online Summit (INFsummit.com), without much expectation... it grew my email list from 100 (existing subscribers) to ~2000, and I then did a re-launch afterwards (there's a free/paid membership tier, I use Substack).

      1. 2

        Oh, awesome!

        The summit was free, then you got people to become paid newsletter subscribers?

        1. 1

          Yes, exactly that. The Summit was free, and subscribers got added to my mailing list. I then did a week's "re-launch" and got some paid subscribers (a mix of monthly/annual).

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