Ran 1st virtual co-working sessions

I ran 2 sessions this week, for EU and US timezones. I now have ~150 members; there were 7 of us for the US one, and 6 for the EU. A nice vibe, good work got done (#accountability) and I received good feedback afterwards. I'll be running more of these - they feel especially relevant/appreciated whilst the world is in lockdown.

Connected my Stripe to IH, and it told me I've made $1.5K in revenue in the last 30 days which is pretty cool. (this is both monthly + annual subscriptions, so the monthly average is actually ~$245 (still happy!).

I'm still an excited kid every time I get a paying subscriber. This week, I had my first instance of someone signing up for free and then immediately (5 mins later) signing up as a paid subscriber, after receiving the "welcome/thank you/consider becoming a paid subscriber" auto-email upon subscribing.

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    Great to hear this went well for you @jas_hothi. Keep up the great work!!

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    omg, please keep going! and i'm glad you're connected with @gordon!

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