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To document my journey as it unfolds, and help other writers write books & make money (sustainably/in a healthy way)

September 27, 2021 INF Club comes to an end...

With the launch of my book, I've decided to embrace being a full-time writer and writing coach.

As such, INF Club is no more and my new home is 'Diary of an indie writer' -> indiewriter.net

🎥 Here's my talking about it: https://youtu.be/g-Xy3Fbqz0g

April 3, 2021 Closed my membership

Last week, I decided to close membership. It was taking up a lot of energy, with little reward (just a handful of customers paying $10/month or less). I made the decision & acted pretty quickly, but I followed my decision and it feels right. I feel lighter already.

I'm currently re-calibrating, and it feels like I might move forward with my newsletter, plus digital courses (including the Mastermind Programme, which I'll probably run on an ongoing basis), with sporadic gatherings (online and - I hope - IRL!).

I'm also trying to have some conversations/interactions with my subscribers, to information-gather, understand my audience better, and inform/hone the content I'm creating.

February 28, 2021 Launched my 1st paid programme

After running a pilot programme with members last year, I launched the 1st official INF Club Mastermind Programme this week.

The launch consisted of:

  • a 'setting the scene' video/podcast (pre-launch)
  • x4 emails over launch week (opened 1st Feb, closed 7th Feb)

In total, I had 10 signups ($247 each, with x2 members purchasing at a discounted priced of $197) = $2370

Combined with some annual membership renewals (I launched membership this time last year), I made ~$3000/£2000 this month, easily by best 'indie' month yet.

July 20, 2020 Version 3 launched

Last Friday, I finished moving to version 3 with the launch of the Discourse forum.

Version 3:

  • Website re-launch on Ghost*
  • Forum launch on Discourse*
  • 1st cohort of Mastermind groups
  • Price increase from $10 monthly/$100 yearly -> $15 monthly / $150 yearly

*self-hosted with @dr's help, and using his 'Substation' theme; though it felt it was time to move away from Substack, I liked Substack's design + the landing page had been converting well for me.

July 1, 2020 Hosted a '1-yr celebration + v3 launch' event

With INF club turning 1 next week, and the introduction of some new features for 'Version 3', I decided to host a live webinar for members.

From ~150 invites, 12 attended the event live & it went well (I was pleased with a 'smaller group' for my 1st 'live', not counting the virtual co-working sessions I've been hosting). I also tried Crowdcast for the first time, which I liked.

Most of the virtual events I host will be smaller/more intimate (~12-15) and on Whereby/Zoom, but I think I like Crowdcast for any similar 1-way webinars/larger events I host.

May 15, 2020 New feature + convos

This month, I launched Masterminds for the community.

I've had nearly 20 register for these so far, and part of the "matching" process involves a 30-min Zoom call, which I'm also using to provide valuable customer feedback.

March 26, 2020 Ran 1st virtual co-working sessions

I ran 2 sessions this week, for EU and US timezones. I now have ~150 members; there were 7 of us for the US one, and 6 for the EU. A nice vibe, good work got done (#accountability) and I received good feedback afterwards. I'll be running more of these - they feel especially relevant/appreciated whilst the world is in lockdown.

Connected my Stripe to IH, and it told me I've made $1.5K in revenue in the last 30 days which is pretty cool. (this is both monthly + annual subscriptions, so the monthly average is actually ~$245 (still happy!).

I'm still an excited kid every time I get a paying subscriber. This week, I had my first instance of someone signing up for free and then immediately (5 mins later) signing up as a paid subscriber, after receiving the "welcome/thank you/consider becoming a paid subscriber" auto-email upon subscribing.

March 10, 2020 Made my first $1000 online

Nearly 5 years after starting my first blog, I have made & received my first $1000 online. After initially throwing a tantrum that my "launch" didn't go better, this was quickly replaced by acceptance, gratitude and the realisation that I've come a long way.

There is energy behind this project, and I'm excited to double-down and produce more written, audio & video content in the weeks & months ahead.

February 16, 2020 Ran a free summit & grew email list x20 times

I ran a free online summit - the INF summit - between February 7th-16th. We had nearly 2,000 subscribers to the Summit and I've now decided to now (re)launch INF club off the back of this.

This will involve a serious of videos/newsletters (3) showcasing INF club, before I re-open membership at a discounted rate for 5 days (the 'launch window') from Feb 25-29th; after this, membership will still be open but at an increased rate.

Picked up a handful of paid subscribers during the Summit ($6 per month / $60 for the year)

December 23, 2019 Now at ~100 subscribers...

Gave all these early subscribers lifetime membership - to say thanks and also so they could engage in the community (at the time, Substack only enabled paid subscribers to take part in discussion threads & comment on posts). It felt right to do this.


To document my journey as it unfolds, and help other writers write books & make money (sustainably/in a healthy way)