January 12, 2020

First customer for Host Notion!

Jordan Burgess @jordn

It's been just over 4 weeks since I've started working on a way to host your Notion content on your own domain. This week I got my first organic customer!

I've been logging my progress on Pioneer (#27 in Europe at the moment) and one of my reviewers found my update and liked what they saw. They signed up for the standard plan and they were fully set up that evening. They're using it as the easiest way to keep their e-sports team rosters up to date. Welcome https://mtx.gg !

I'm now experimenting with Google Ads to see if I can turn up the dial with adverts and working hard to improve the offering (caching, a management dashboard and custom styling). Check us out at https://hostnotion.co


  • Pioneer (and IH) is a great way to get eyeballs on what you're working on, for free!
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