December 7, 2019

How I got the idea for Host Notion

Jordan Burgess @jordn

As I've been working on various startup ideas over the past 2 months, one tool has remained invaluable: Notion. I use it as a store of all my notes, ideas, docs, and customers; and for collaborating with others. It's been so good, I rarely want to use anything else.

One thing I felt I needed however, was the ability to break out this knowledge and share it with the world. I want to use Notion as my single source of truth and use that to publish to my websites. However, Notion doesn't support this. The best it can do is to share share the page publicly, however this content remains on the domain and with their styling; which doesn't look very professional and doesn't have any SEO benefit to my site.

They say they're working on custom domains... but that's been true for the last year. So finally, that's when I decided to solve my own problem – to figure out a way to use Notion as my CMS which publishes content under my own custom domain.

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