October 17, 2020

Published a resources page

Bertrand Chevalier @bct

Part of what I want to achieve is to help people find the right tool as easily as possible.
When I tried to create a newsletter a while back, I couldn't find easily what were the easy options. As such I started coding the system from scratch (from scratch as in Ruby on Rails backend and React front end). This a perfect example of getting lost in the details instead of starting to do.

Needless to say this project never came to life (I'm still not 100% familiar with dealing with the smtp protocol with ROR).

In order to help people out (and myself), I created a list of resources for different types of projects. This list is alive and I will add to it continuously (suggestions welcome).

You can find it here: https://howtogetstarted.co/resources/

None of those links are sponsored or affiliated (I wish a few of them were though - Indiehackers, wink wink ;)).
But I selected them either because I used them or because they were recommended by people I trust.

My end goal is to have sufficient suggestions to help with most use cases.