July 9, 2020

Joined Indie Hackers


Hello Indie Hackers! I'm still getting used to this website, but I'm happy I found a way to share my progress as I improve HowFast and learn to be a better solo entrepreneur!

HowFast was born as a tool for my personal usage when I was working as a freelance for a company that had performance issues with their Messenger bot. One of the endpoints was taking about 8s to answer, which is waaaay too much. Before trying to improve it, I wanted a way to get a consistent and precise measure of the response time - before and after my attempts at improving the code. HowFast was born, and helped me understand which actions were the most efficient on the response time.

But that was in 2018: now HowFast has evolved into a self-service SaaS that given any URL, will monitor its availability and response time every 60s: you get detailed performance data and super fast notifications when something goes down.

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